BizVibe’s B2B platform bolsters Bahraini aluminum

Aluminum is one of the most abundant metal elements on Earth, it’s an electrically conductive metal and is highly resistant to ordinary corrosion. With characteristics including electrical-conductivity, corrosion-resistance, lightweight, high-strength, and is low cost of production, aluminum wires are nowadays increasingly popular for electrical wiring and in utility grid transmission and distribution networks.

The global aluminum wire market continues to grow at a fast pace, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of almost 2% through 2021. Some of the driving factors in the market are increasing demand for aluminum wire rods for power engineering, upgrading of existing transmissions and distribution networks, increased government support across countries, and increased infrastructure investments and competitive edge that aluminum wire rods hold over electrical wiring substitutes.

In 2016, Bahrain exported about US$ 699.6 million worth or equivalent of 688.3 million tonnes of aluminum wire to the global market, representing over 20% of the world’s total aluminum wire exports in that year, making Bahrain the world’s largest aluminum wire supplier. Since the leading aluminum producers in Bahrain are focusing on value-added products and developing profitable downstream sectors, Bahrain’s production and exports of aluminum wires are expected to grow further over the next few years, and so do the business opportunities in Bahrain’s aluminum wire market.

Aluminum is widely used for wiring in a variety of industries including electronics, construction, aircraft, etc. Bahrain has been leading the global market in production and exports of aluminum wire recently. BizVibe’s latest update connects businesses to aluminum wire producers, suppliers, and exporters in Bahrain and helps users discover thousands of sourcing and prospecting opportunities.

Not only does BizVibe’s networking platform introduce businesses to verified aluminum wire suppliers in Bahrain, it also connects global trade professionals with over save million prospecting and sourcing candidates in over 700 industries. BizVibe cuts research time, allowing you to go after the real opportunities.


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