BMW innovates autonomous driving with codeBeamer ALM software

Intland Software GmbH, developer of codeBeamer ALM, has confirmed that BMW has adopted its software tool. The German carmaker uses Intland’s Application Lifecycle Management software platform to propel the innovation and development of its autonomous driving technology.

With this high-profile automotive customer win, Intland Software’s fully integrated collaborative ALM solution takes a step further towards becoming a go-to standard tool for automotive OEMs and suppliers worldwide. codeBeamer ALM is now being used by leading German carmakers as well as a number of innovative startups worldwide to manage the collaborative development processes of driver assistance and autonomous driving systems, placing the Stuttgart-based company at the forefront of automotive innovation.

Andreas Pabinger, VP Sales Worldwide, Intland Software, said, “Intland is proud to support the development of cutting-edge autonomous technology by industry-leading companies. We’re thrilled to have BMW joining our growing family of automotive users, and are happy that yet another prominent German carmaker chose codeBeamer due to its superior configurability, user interface, and scalability demonstrated during tool evaluation. Intland Software’s Agile and customer-centric approach helped us respond to BMW’s needs during the process, and we’re confident that their feedback and expertise will help further improve codeBeamer ALM to make sure it becomes an indispensable tool in automotive systems engineering globally.”


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