Oemeta’s water-miscible metalworking fluids for special materials

Industrial lubricants specialist Oemeta presents new water-miscible metalworking fluids at AMB 2018. With special, newly developed products for titanium alloys, carbides and non-ferrous metals, the manufacturing firm introduces compatible oils for special materials. Its innovations offer high levels of corrosion protection, lubricating performance and swarf removal, respectively. This has been proven in multiple test series.

“In niche areas such as the processing of special materials — just as elsewhere — manufacturing firms expect top-quality, high-performance metalworking fluids,” said Malte Krone, head of product management at Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH.

The three innovations at AMB

With three new metalworking fluids for carbides, non-ferrous metals and titanium alloys, Oemeta presents material-compatible products with special features.

Novamet 1000 S is designed to offer high levels of material compatibility and corrosion protection in the processing of copper and brass. It has proven itself in a copper strip test compliant with ASTM D130. This means that plant engineers, as well as valve and pump manufacturers, now have access to a fluid which fulfils the latest requirements.

For titanium- or nickel-based alloys, such as those used for high-temperature applications or implants, Novamet 760 guarantees high lubricating performance and excellent cooling performance. “The strong lubricating performance in particular improves tool life by 20–25%,” says Krone. Machining tests carried out by the titanium working group at the PTW Darmstadt have confirmed this figure. Novamet 760 is designed for use in aviation, in the automotive industry and in medical engineering.

Outstanding swarf removal for carbides is guaranteed by Oemetol 605 HM. This special product was developed on the basis of a GTL oil and offers excellent cleaning performance, preventing grinding burn during tool manufacture, for example when grinding carbide cutters. It also prevents cobalt from being released from the grinding sludge.


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