Rheinmetall flight training technology takes off

Training solutions specialist Rheinmetall has been supplying training technology for more than a decade, supporting numerous major military systems such as the NH90, EF2000, Tornado, MIG 29, Tiger, A400M and KC390, as well as civil projects like the EC135, A320 and EC145.

The Düsseldorf-based group’s experience in the design, development, fabrication, maintenance and operation of military and civil flight training devices and flight training centres means that it is able to provide highly realistic aviation and mission training devices offering unrivalled value for money at low risk and in full compliance with all applicable regulations. Rheinmetall training solutions range in complexity from computer- based training systems (CBT) to FNPT, FTD, FFS and full-mission training systems, meeting even the most exacting customer requirements.

Rheinmetall’s flexible approach means that it can upgrade any device at any time. In addition, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics offers different ‘operational feature modules’ such as hoist trainer or door gunner which can be added to existing RME training systems at any time in order to conduct specialised training operations.

Following in-depth consultation with the customer and an extensive training needs analysis, Rheinmetall has now embarked on a project to design, develop and manufacture a training device for the Airbus H145 M helicopter.

Discovering new, future-oriented business potential requires more than just close and timely cooperation between customer and contractor. Far more, it calls for new forms of networked thinking and working. A partnership of equals is essential in Rheinmetall’s philosophy. Minimisation of costs and maximisation of returns to the customer is fundamental to Rheinmetall’s approach to business.

An example of the success of this strategy is Embraer’s decision to turn to Rheinmetall as a strong and reliable partner to design and deliver training devices for Embraer’s new KC-390 aircraft, including cargo handling, procedure and maintenance trainers as well as flight and mission training systems, including full mission and flight simulators. Rheinmetall’s commitment to the KC-390 programme laid the groundwork for successful, long-lasting cooperation between Embraer and Rheinmetall, which will definitely contribute to the overall success of the KC-390 programme.


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