LAPP presents more innovations at Motek 2018

System solutions are a major trend in connection technology. Fully assembled, ready-to-connect connection systems from a single source deliver high quality and save time. Machine and equipment manufacturers will find an extensive range on the LAPP stand at Motek 2018. It features everything from custom cable assemblies to servo assemblies for connection of servo drives in compliance with leading manufacturers’ standards through to ready-to-install cable chain systems. The new Ölflex Connect Chain configurator enables users to engineer a cable chain digitally online with just a few clicks of the mouse. In the past, configuring cable chains has been a complex task and less expert users can easily make mistakes. The configurator makes the design much easier and automatically excludes all the sources of errors.

Everything fits together

The digital Ölflex Connect Chain configurator guides you step by step through the choice of cable chain, cables and appropriate accessories. When the configuration is complete, the customer can request an individual quotation. At each stage of the selection process, the Ölflex Connect Chain configurator makes sure all the components are compatible. A critical factor for cable chains is the minimum bending radius of the cables. If this is not taken into account, malfunctions can occur and the service life of the cables is reduced. Therefore, the bending radius is determined by the cables used. If the minimum bending radius of the cables is undershot, the configurator generates an error message and offers the user alternative cable chain types. Cables are selected based on the travel distance, acceleration, temperature profile, shielding and other parameters. The configurator automatically excludes cables that are not suitable for the application. If required, it can position vertical and horizontal separators and makes sure that the weight of the cables is evenly distributed in the cable chain. Finally, the customer chooses whether they want to purchase the cable chain fully assembled by LAPP or as individual components, with the option of having the cables pre-cut to the appropriate length. If they choose the first option, they have the security of knowing that all components will be assembled using expert know-how and supplied ready for use – and that not just the individual components but the fully assembled chain will be 100 percent tested.

The Ölflex Connect Chain configurator can be accessed at


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