Swedish Lorry Parts cuts retrieval times with Kardex Remstar system

At its headquarters in Tumba, near Stockholm, Swedish Lorry Parts stores high-quality machinery parts. They are shipped from there to customers in Sweden and throughout the world. The company is committed to keeping 95 per cent of all parts in stock and shipping them on the same day as the order is received. Such prompt delivery times require fast and accurate retrieval operations, which is why Swedish Lorry Parts has opted for Kardex Remstar’s Shuttle XP system.

Swedish Lorry Parts and Kardex Remstar have maintained a successful partnership for a number of years. The company equipped its workshop with a Shuttle XP unit back in 2009. As demand increased, Swedish Lorry Parts expanded the number of Shuttle XP units in its portfolio to the current level of ten – soon to be twelve. The system’s scalability makes it the ideal solution for growing demands.

The semi-automated storage solution has made it possible to cut retrieval times by 66 per cent. This consistently high level of precision is guaranteed by the use of “pick-to-light” assistants and Power Pick Global warehouse management software. Another advantage of the Kardex Remstar system is that it considerably reduces the amount of space required, thereby making more room for the growing inventory. At the same time, the integration of the incredibly flexible VLM BOX significantly increases the capacity of the units. In addition, employees benefit from a much improved working environment thanks to the ergonomic retrieval of parts.


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