Syslogic intel demos at SPS IPC Drives

At the 2018 edition of the SPS IPC Drives trade show held in Nuremberg, Germany, ’embedded systems’ specialist Syslogic showcases its portfolio of industrial PCs and touch panels as well as new artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Syslogic specialises in embedded systems for demanding applications. The company’s industrial PCs and touch panel computers are used in vehicles, in automation systems, in traffic engineering, and in heavy industry applications. At SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Syslogic will present a selection from their large assortment. 

Producing embedded systems in-house

Syslogic holds a very special position in the embedded systems market. Syslogic is one of the few European companies with its own development team and two European manufacturing sites. Accordingly, Syslogic offers high-quality industrial computers and HMI systems that can be adapted to customer requirements, even for small editions.

The assortment ranges from simple front-end computers to highly specialized embedded systems. Syslogic bases all its systems exclusively on processors designed for industrial use with passive cooling. The assortment ranges from BayTrail and ApolloLake processors made by Intel Atom and Intel KabyLake to ARM and Nvidia Jetson TX2i.

How AI will revolutionise the industry

The brand new AI embedded computer by Syslogic use Nvidia’s Jetson TX2i modules. The Nvidia GPU features an economical but powerful quad-core processor platform. The core of the Jetson TX2 is the ARM SoC Tegra X2 named Parker. It combines two computation modules with Nvidia’s proprietary Denver 2 microarchitecture with four Cortex-A57 cores and a Pascal GPU. The latter has 256 shader cores. The embedded computer supports CUDA applications and is suitable for AI subareas such as machine vision, intelligent control and deep learning. Optional WiFi, GPS and LTE features make it easy to integrate the AI computer into applications using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Syslogic is currently making their AI hardware platform available as prototypes. The first few applications will soon be tackled with existing industrial customers. Florian Egger, Head of Sales at Syslogic, said, “We are convinced that with the AI embedded computers we will be able to contribute to the future of industrial automation.”

He further states that Syslogic is accordingly working hard on developing a deep learning solution in joint efforts with a software partner. Moreover, the Syslogic hardware engineers are already designing an AI box PC with the new Nvidia Xavier platform.

Flash memory for durability and robustness

In addition to the AI computer and the embedded systems, Syslogic will also present flash memory products of Taiwanese manufacturer Cactus Technologies at SPS IPC Drives. Syslogic not only uses NAND flash memory, developed exclusively for industrial use, in its own devices, but also sells them in German-speaking countries as an official distributor. Like Syslogic, Cactus does not compromise on durability and robustness. Correspondingly, memory cards by Cactus are ideal for challenging industrial applications.


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