Migrant business and leadership showcased in London

Despite the shadow cast by an uncertain Brexit, Tech PR Platform High Profile Club – in partnership with MoneyGram International and charity Migrant Voice – hosts the fifth annual Migrant Business Show on 27 April 2019, celebrating the extensive successes of migrant entrepreneurs in the UK alongside celebrating the partnerships being forged between British and migrant businesses.

According to research by the Centre for Entrepreneurs (2016), 14% of UK businesses are owned by migrants. This means there are almost one million migrant entrepreneurs in the UK, who collectively employ around 4.5 million people. The Migrant Business Show has diversity and integration at its heart and this year the event was organised at Amba Hotel, Marble Arch. With over 120 exhibitors, from SME owners to entrepreneurs, a broad range of industries are squeezed under one roof to create the perfect networking opportunity. The show is unique in its international focus with exhibitors from across the globe including South and North America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Australasia.
As the Migrant Business Show is dedicated to showcasing the talents of UK migrants, sole attention is placed upon this inspirational community, who have often had to overcome intense adversity to be in their position. The event is a distinct chance to network with other determined individuals, forge new business connections and develop innovative ideas with like-minded business people, supplemented by a broad range of expert speakers who are presenting at the event. This allows attendees to diversify their knowledge and skills by learning from industry pioneers including specialists in PR, finance, public speaking and branding to name but a few.

The Migrant Business Show has been organised by multi-award winning migrant entrepreneur Rafael dos Santos and High Profile Club, in partnership with MoneyGram International and Migrant Voice. Rafael is a multi-award winning entrepreneur extraordinaire who is now selflessly dedicated to growing the migrant business community and providing others with the tools to excel. Rafael moved to the UK when he was 21, where he began working small jobs to pay his bills – however through hard-work and determination, he grew his property business to an impressive £1.2 million turnover.

“The Migrant Business Show is an opportunity to support growing businesses in the UK that not only financially benefit the country, but increase employment rates and increase the prosperity of the UK as a great nation,” explained Mr. dos Santos.


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